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How to Choose an Online Nursing School

November 6, 2011

Students that are seeking a career in nursing have many options at their fingertips. Students can choose nursing programs that are taught through traditional lectures and classroom style environments, or students can choose to learn from the convenience of an online classroom interface.

Online nursing schools are available for students wishing to complete a course of study to become a nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, or acquire their BS Nursing Degree. Other nursing programs may offer a handful of specific courses online, but the primary course requires the student to attend the traditional classroom to learn the required skills.

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The Benefits of Online Nursing Programs and Courses

October 17, 2011

Not everyone has the time to attend a full-time course seminar – despite the fact that they have the desire to change their career path and perhaps increase their earning potential. For this reason, it’s important for students to understand the many options that are available for online nursing programs.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing an online nursing school:

Nursing schools online allow the student to study through their own pace, working on modules and units of information throughout the course. At the end of the module and the unit of study, the student is able … Continue Reading

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Online Programs to Become A Medical Assistant

March 19, 2011

Are you looking for a change in pace when it comes to your career? For people that are considering going back to school, more and more people are choosing the medical assistant program that can enable the student to learn about the medical field, assisting the physician in the office and assisting patients with their issues.

The medical assistant course can often be completed in less than one year, and be completed part time, online. This way, the student can easily maintain their full time position while studying to become a medical assistant, providing themselves with a career that is … Continue Reading

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University of Phoenix Nursing Program Review

January 5, 2011

University of Phoenix programs currently have more than ten thousand students enrolled in their nursing program, making it one of the largest of any nursing school in the country. Different from other schools that offer only classroom education, the University of Phoenix offers the student the opportunity to complete the program entirely through the internet.

The student has the ability to complete the entire program through the internet, allowing the student to work with ease when it comes to maintaining their current job or even taking care of the a family.
There are four types of nursing programs that are … Continue Reading

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Online Nursing Programs

August 6, 2010

Online learning has become a hot topic in the world of post secondary education options. While criticized by many, online education offers many opportunities as a solution to growing problems in the world of education. No other spectrum of education notes the potential for online learning quite as well as nursing programs.

The United States is currently in the throes of a nursing shortage, alongside many other major health care professions. As of 2009, an estimated 116,000 positions served by nurses throughout hospitals across the country, and nearly 100,000 employment positions within nursing homes, will remain unfilled. This creates … Continue Reading

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