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What’s Involved in Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse?

October 7, 2011

Students considering a career in nursing should consider the type of nursing career that they would like to achieve. A licensed practical nursing career can allow the student to work as an integral part of the health care team in hospitals and clinics, while caring for patients with illnesses, diseases and providing general preventative care for these patients. What should the student consider when researching becoming a licensed practical nurse?

First, the student is going to have to choose a licensed practical nurse program. There are two types of programs that are available, students can choose from licensed Practical nursing … Continue Reading

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LPN Training Programs in Florida

October 17, 2010

There are many LPN training Programs in Florida and individuals interested in pursuing these programs should first ensure that the training program selected in Florida is accredited by the Board of Nursing.
LPN training programs in Florida will comprise of some theory, safety courses such as CPR and some clinical experience.

The clinical aspect of the program allows all participants to interact and care for patients within a registered health care environment. It is a very good opportunity for applicants to get a feel of what the work environment will be like and to probably make an assessment on the … Continue Reading

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LPN Prerequisites and Requirements

September 22, 2010

When you are looking for a career path, one of the things you should always consider is what is the job outlook expected to be. Some jobs require four to six (or more!) years of education but by the time you have completed your degree, it may be a failing market – not so with nurses! Whether you are considering a career as an LPN, and RN or even as a Nurse Practitioner, there are two things you can always count on. There will always be a need for nurses, and there will be a significant shortage of nurses within … Continue Reading

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Types of Nursing Degrees

April 30, 2010

When considering nursing as a profession there are a variety of different degrees that one can obtain to begin one’s career. Nurses are employed at a variety of different educational levels with all nurses requiring licensing and registration in their applicable state of professional practice. There are a number of avenues an individual can take to begin a career as a nurse.

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) also known as a vocational nurse is what some may consider the entry level area of nursing. Any one considering a career as a LPN must have a general education diploma or have … Continue Reading

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Nursing School Textbooks

December 23, 2009

By Melanie Ullman
A nursing curriculum entails a good deal of learning regardless of which course is being undertaken. This usually means lots of nursing school textbooks. These can be purchased new and in many instances also used, both at on and offline book stores, but with an online nursing course, a good deal of the course material can be downloaded, which precludes from having to buy as many text books. Perhaps not all, but there will definitely be some savings in terms of course or degree material. As far as text books are concerned, if you are very lucky … Continue Reading

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LPN Nursing Degrees

December 15, 2009

A LPN nursing degree (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN nursing degree (Licensed Vocational Nurse) has a distinct advantage over many other nursing education programs, it is a fast-track to earning money, and it means that after a years of schooling, the nurse is able to work, then she studies at the same time. The advantage of this is obvious, you get to start earning money sooner!

The demand for LPN’s does not only extend to clinical situations they are in huge demand in the normal workforce as technology advances, and this makes it definitely a career opportunity which is more … Continue Reading

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