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How is Nursing Related To Psychology?

by Adam on May 15, 2012

Nursing and Psychology- both of these terms are well known to people all over the world. Everybody knows that they are two different fields. The main responsibility of the nurses is to help the patients to recover first so that they get back their healthy life again, whereas the Psychologists deal with the people’s mind- the behaviors as well as the processes of the minds of each individual. In spite of these facts, do you have any idea that these two fields can be correlated to each other?

In fact, Nursing and Psychology are connected to each other. When the field of nursing includes psychology it becomes similar to another field, which is called biopsychology. The key function of Biopsychology is to realize the manners with the help of biological theories.

A well-trained nurse is the one who not only take care of the patients but also understand their state of mind. To cure the sick people from their ailments, only right medicine at right time is not enough. That is why, most of the time, the nurses need to understand the emotional as well as the behavioral approach of their patients. And how can you understand these things if you don’t know psychology?

Both the nurses and Psychologists have a familiar mission in their lives and that is to help along with cure people who are suffering from any problem or disease. If any person is recovering from any mishap, he or she needs more mental support along with the essential care in order to get better.

The brain is the main part in our body. It has the capability of affecting our immune system and our physical condition. If you think positive, your health will reflect this. Therefore, besides providing the patients with their medication and other related things, it is the nurses’ job to encourage the optimism as well as confidence in the patients so that they can alter their thought process.

In order to cure their patients, the nurses have to form a close as well as healthy rapport with their patients and they must realize when her patient is afraid or depressed and if he or she is angry or puzzled over something so that she can take proper steps to calm down the patient. Though nursing is based on biology, psychology has a great impact on this field.

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