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The Many Job Benefits of a Registered Nurse

by Adam on April 24, 2012

Are you a registered nurse? What are your job benefits? Are the benefits really good enough to make you select this profession? At the time of evaluating an offer of working in the nursing field, what should you look for? So many questions! Not to worry. Here is the answer!

It is true that the majority of nurses overlook job benefits of the registered nurse when they get any job offer. Though it may sound surprising to you, it is true that if you add all the benefits that a nurse is entitled to get, there will be many exceptional ones. As a professional registered nurse, you will get a benefit package, which has conventional worker benefits along with many innovative ones.

Thinking about becoming an RN, you’ll be pleased to know that there is often very competitive salary. That is, you will get the salary on the basis of your experience, your nursing certificates and other associated factors, such as where do you live, you work for full time or part time and a lot more. Also, a registered nurse will receive the all-inclusive health insurance for themselves as well as the members of their families.

Another important job benefit is the 401(k) Retirement Plan. Just trust me, it is the best option to retire with for the nurse. You can get your salary through the paycheck every Friday, so you don’t have to wait for the whole month or the fortnight. You also have the freedom to receive the money directly your bank account.

There are other benefits too. For instance, if you are traveling from one job to another, you don’t have to do or pay for anything; the travel specialists of the hospital where you work will take care of everything. If you are associated with traveling frequently, you are often given comfortable, secure housing near your workplace. The requirements of the State licensing policy are extremely complicated, and moreover, they differ from one state to state. As a benefit of your job, you will get an expert who will help you through this process of licensing so that you can concentrate on your work.

This article was written by Harvey M. Pratt, a Registered Nurse from the Oakland California area

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