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Top 10 Fastest Growing Careers In Nursing

by Adam on April 18, 2012

Nursing is one of the leading fields regarding the job prospects because with the enhancement of the populations as well as with increasing ages, the demand of well-trained nurses is increasing. They are in high demand all throughout the world, particularly ion the rural as well as in the disease prone or other high need regions.

If you are aspiring to be a good nurse, this profession is going to help you not only in knowing more about the health care industries but also you can be directly related with a lot of people by providing them your utmost care and dedication. The LPNs or the Licensed Practical Nurses as well as the RNs or the registered nurses are required in all area among all kind of people.

Though it is true that the entire nursing profession is prospering very much, but some of the particular nursing categories are getting much popularity in comparison to the others. These branches of nursing profession are as follows:

  1. Ambulatory Care Nurse – These nurses usually work in the doctors’ offices and provide the patients with care and treatment for lots of sicknesses and injuries.
  2. Cardiovascular Nurse – These nurses work with the cardiologists and treat the patients who have heart problems.
  3. Registered Nurse or RN – They work with the doctors and treat the patients with kinds of ailments.
  4. Geriatric Nurse – These nurses work with the aged people in order to lessen their pain and other ailments, such as, the conditions of their heart or their disabilities in their movement. The demand for these nurses is growing extensively with the increase in the number of old people.
  5. LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse – They mostly work under the physicians as well as the RNs to take care of the patients. They mostly do the routine healthy check up of their patients.
  6. Neonatal Nurse – Involved in the birth process and delivering newborn babies. Typically fast-paced working environment.
  7. Nurse Educator – As the requirement for the nurse increases, the number of nursing students increases and finally, the number of nursing educators increases.
  8. Obstetrics or Gynecology Nurse – With every passing day, the women are beginning to realize the significance of visiting their gynecologists on regular basis. These Gynecology nurses normally work with the gynecologists to take care of the female patients.
  9. Nurse Practitioner – They normally act as general practitioner and they have the power of running their own health care offices.
  10. Pediatric Nurse – These nurses take care of the babies as well as young children.

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