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Best Way to Become a Nurse Anesthetist

by Adam on April 11, 2012

The choice to become a Nurse Anesthetist is one made by nurses trying to reach the full earning potential of the career. The position enables the nurse to earn upwards of one hundred thousand dollars each year caring for patients that have undergone treatments where anesthesia is required – ensuring that a high degree of care is going to result in a healthy outcome for the patient.

What is the best way to become a Nurse Anesthetist?

To begin the process of becoming a nurse anesthetist the student must first complete the Bachelor of nursing program. The nursing program can be completed in the course of three to four years and will enable the student to gain the general knowledge required for a career in nursing by combining both theory work throughout the course and the work experience designed to solidify the information that has been learned. Once the nursing program has been finished, the registered nurse is required to complete the traditional licensing exam to ensure that they are ready for a career in nursing.

Most programs that are designed to train Nurse Anesthetists require the student to gain experience in the field of nursing before entering the program. It is recommended through most programs that students spend at least one year of this experience working in the Intensive Care Unit.

The program to become a Nurse Anesthetist can be completed in three years and requires the entrants to the program to have previously completed their degree in registered nursing as well as gaining experience through one to three years working in the field of nursing.

As application for the program the student must be willing to demonstrate work experience (especially while working in the ICU) and undergo a series of interviews that are going to enable the program specialists to determine the best candidates for the popular graduate program.

Once the Nurse Anesthetist program has begun, the student can complete the program in three years, becoming a CRNA and successfully increased the earning potential upwards of thirty percent more than a career as a registered nurse.

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