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Nurse Anesthetist Prerequisites and Requirements

by Adam on April 3, 2012

Are you a nursing student seeking a high paying career in the field of nursing? The rewarding and lucrative career of a Nurse Anesthetist can give students the top earning potential in the nursing field, earning upwards of one hundred thousand dollars per year with an average of seven years of education.

What types of prerequisites are required for the nurse to become a nurse anesthetist? The student must first complete the Bachelor of nursing program to become a registered nurse. Completed in four years, the student can begin with an associate’s degree and continue on to the bachelor’s degree, or enroll in a registered nursing program through a local university or nursing school.

Once the registered nursing program has been completed the nurse is required to take a licensing exam in order to work as a nurse in the state. This licensing exam will outline the information learned through the degree program and ensure that the nurse is ready to work in a nursing position in the health care field.

Once the registered nurse has completed the licensing process, they are required to spend between one to three years working as a nurse in order to gain access into the graduate program that will teach the skills required for the registered nurse to become a nurse anesthetist. It is recommended that at least one year of this program be within the intensive care unit of the hospital to gain experience with anesthesia and patient care.

Nurse Anesthetist

After completing the work experience, the student can begin the process of applying to the graduate programs that will enable the registered nurse to complete the education and become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. This program is three years in length and includes both theory and practical experience teaching the skills that are required to work as a nurse in the Anaesthesia field of medicine.

Specific schools and programs have specific prerequisites when it comes to the entrance into the various programs. Speaking with a career counsellor through the Anesthetist program can be an effective way to ensure that the nurse meets the requirements for the program – which can help to expedite the entrance process.

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