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How Much Does an LVN Earn Each Year on Salary?

by Adam on March 28, 2012

The choice to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse can fast-track the health career allowing the student to earn their certification in as little as one year of courses completed with work experience and a licensing exam that can allow the nurse to work as a Vocational Nurse.

One of the factors that students use to make the decision in the career of nursing is the salary that is going to earned as a Vocational Nurse. Learning the average salary can help the student to determine whether the career is in line with the expectations for the wages that are going to earned and the career that is going to be experienced.
How much does an LVN earn each year on salary?

The amount of the wages that are earned throughout the year by the nurse on salary depends on the type of employment that the nurse has chosen. There are positions available in nursing home, in hospitals and in medical clinics – and each of these positions will vary in the amount that is going to be earned.

Nurses that are employed in nursing care facilities have some of the highest rate of employment as well as having the highest salary earned, at $42,320. This salary is for Vocational nurses that are employed full time in the position and often comes with other benefits that are experienced throughout the salary plan.

They can also find employment in hospitals and clinics. Nurses that are working in these hospitals and clinics work with a team of health care professionals, under the supervision of registered nurses in the hospital or clinic and earn an average base salary of $36,000 to $39,000.

Vocational Nurses can increase their potential earnings by comparing the salaries for the jobs throughout the country, as in some instances there are geographical locations that pay higher than other areas.

In addition, Vocational Nurses can increase their potential earnings by completing additional education and extending the specialty in various areas of medicine. Completing these courses can increase the wages up to ten percent – increasing the salary and wages with every course and certification that is received.

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