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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Prerequisites

by Adam on March 12, 2012

Becoming a nurse practitioner can enable nurses to gain a higher ranking within the clinical care or hospital where they are working – and completing additional programs, like those that are designed through the specialized Neonatal Nursing programs can enable the nurse practitioner to increase the earning potential up to twenty percent more from the base salary.
What are the prerequisites for the nurse to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner?

Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Students that are considering becoming a nursing practitioner are required to first complete the four year degree in the Bachelor of nursing. This four year degree program will require the student to complete a course of education and work experience that is going to provide the nurse with the certification of a registered nurse (but can sometimes be expedited to accommodate a three year program).

Nursing Licensure
Once the education of the registered nurse has been completed the nurse is required to undergo a licensing exam that will test the nurse on the information that has been learned throughout the career. In order to pass the test, nurses must demonstrate a knowledge of the skills that have been learned through the program, practical skills and theory.

Masters Degree in Nursing
The registered nurse that has completed the education can then go on to complete the Masters degree in nursing, a program that can take between two to three years to finish (depending on the length of time the nurse wishes to complete the program in) and can enable the nurse to get the certification that comes with becoming a nurse practitioner.

Additional Training in Neonatal Nursing
Additional training in the field of Neonatal nursing that includes work experience throughout the Neonatal ward is required for the nurse to complete the program and work as a Neonatal Nurse practitioner in the Neonatal ward of the hospital. This training can be completed in addition to the master’s degree and can ensure that the nurse is prepared for any situation in the Neonatal ward.
Using this path of education can be an effective way for the nurse to increase the training and the potential salary that can be earned, as well as coming with the rewarding career of working with Neonatal infants and parents.

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