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Is Nursing a Good Career for Men?

by Adam on January 19, 2012

There was a time in the past when gender roles determined the career choices that were made by men and women. Currently, these roles are changing and more and more students are looking past the traditional gender roles, making career choices that are based on their personal interests and strengths rather than choosing a career that has been suited to men, or suited to women in the past.

Is nursing a good career choice for men? Men that are considering a career in nursing should consider not whether the career choice is one that is considered to be good for men, but should consider their personal skills, strengths and interests.

Using the information, it can be determined whether nursing is going to be the right career choice to suit their needs.

More and more men are entering the nursing career. With the increased amount of men that are entering the field, the taboo has become decreased and therefore more and more men are feeling comfortable entering the nursing field.

When considering the nursing career, men may want to choose to meet with a local nursing program to determine the enrollment rates for men vs. women. Considering the enrollment rates can be an effective way to increase the level of comfort for men that are entering the program, in the case that they are self conscious about the career choice and whether there are going to be other men that are involved in the nursing program.

With many types of nursing positions that are available, through various fields of medicine, there are many choices that are available. Men should research the career choice and the types of nursing that the student is interested in to determine the right choice for their needs – and can also compare the enrollment rates for the various genders when it comes to choosing between the nursing career choices.

Men considering a career in nursing can meet with local nursing programs to assess the skills and have any questions answered about the nursing program. Using this information, the student can assess whether the nursing program is right for them.

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