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RN Job Outlook and Salary for 2012 and Beyond

by Adam on December 10, 2011

There are many aspects that students should consider when choosing their educational path. Students that are considering becoming a registered nurse should consider the career outlook for the future, as well as considering the current conditions within the field. Researching these factors, the nurse can determine the outlook for the salary and other components that are going to influence the nursing field to determine whether the career choice is going to be feasible for the future.

Considering the outlook for the salary, nurses can expect that there is going to be an increase in the earnings that are earned by the nurse. The shortage of nurses that is expected to occur in the future means that the wages are going to be increased for the future, upwards of ten percent of the current salaries over the course of the next decade.

Beyond the 2012 year, nurses can expect a general increase in wage yearly through the annual increases that are expected through the cost of living.

Since the cost of living increases on an annual basis, nurses can expect to see this reflection through the salary that is earned through nurses working in hospitals and clinics, especially nurses that are part of unions and that can see the increase through their salaries.

What should the nurse do to ensure that they are going to be eligible for the salary increases? Nurses can increase their earning potential through specialized training that can be completed through continuing education courses.

These courses are offered through distance education, like those that are offered through the internet, as well as courses that are offered through traditional classroom settings. Using these courses, nurses can specialize the education and therefore increase the earning potential, only increasing the salary that is going to be earned through 2012 and beyond.

Nurses are always going to have a position in local clinics or hospitals and as with any profession can expect to see a wage increase throughout the time while experience is being gained, as well as when new skills are formed. All of these aspects can influence the wages that are going to be earned by nurses currently, and in the future.

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