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Are LPNs Being Phased Out?

by Adam on December 4, 2011

Licensed practical nurses are an integral part of the health care system – responsible for a number of roles in the hospital and clinical care setting. There have been rumors throughout the health care community that the licensed practical nurses are being phased out of the health care system, it’s essential to those consider a career in practical nursing to determine whether there is any truth to the rumor.

First, let’s consider the role that the LPNs play in the health care system. Licensed practical nurses take part in the care of the patient, similar to nursing assistants, and care for the patient through the daily tasks.

However, licensed practical nurses also have control in taking care of the medical care of the patient through checking the blood pressure, pulse and other diagnostic measures and tracking these measurements on the chart.

This is an integral part of the health care team, as these results are often relayed to the licensed practical nurses, that will then help to create the treatment plan and give the patient medication or intervention if required while working as a team with the physician on staff.

The system has been created to determine a smooth running machine throughout the hospital and clinical care situation. There is no reason that licensed practical nurses would be phased out of the equation as it would leave more tasks that would be required on fewer nurses working as part of the health care team. Licensed practical nurses are going to remain a part of the health care team to ensure that the care continues to run smoothly.

Not only effective in hospitals and other clinical care settings, licensed practical nurses are also an essential part of the nursing staff for many other facilities, including through diagnostic tests that are completed through insurance companies, as well as home visits with home care companies to provide care for patients unable to leave the home.

Licensed practical nurses can find employment through public health offices, doctor’s offices and other types of health offices as assistants to physicians for in-office procedures and health care management.

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