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Professionalism in Nursing

by Adam on January 6, 2011

Nursing is one of the many professions where it is important to maintain a high level of professionalism. Throughout the jobs that must be completed, nurses are expected to work with a team of health care professionals to provide a high level of care for patients in need.

Professionalism must be maintained by the nurse for the medical records that are being used to care for the patients. Medical records must be kept confidential between the doctor and the patient and must be kept confidential to ensure that the patient’s information remains safe and in trusted care of the health care professionals.

It is important, as a nurse, to retain a non-biased principal of care for the patients that are being admitted to the clinic or hospital where the nurse is working. This means that the nurse must treat all patients with the same standard of care and ensure that the standard of care remains high for each patient that comes into the clinic or hospital to seek medical attention.

The decisions that are made by the patients regarding the medical choices and standards of care should be adhered to, regardless of the decision of the nurse based on his or her moral grounds. Ensuring that this standard is maintained is essential to provide the patients with the standard of care that they are deserving of.

While working with patients, it is essential that the nurse be prepared to treat the patient with the utmost respect and dignity while they are being cared for – as this is a right of the patients that are entering hospitals or medical centers.

The professionalism in nursing is taken very seriously and nurses that are completing a nursing program in their education are often educated about the aspects of the job that require this level of professionalism and the methods and techniques that they can use through the job to ensure that the level of professionalism ensues. This information is taught in the classroom and the students are required to take this information and ensure that every patient is respected and gains fair treatment while they are being assessed and treated in a care facility.

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