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Nurse Practitioner Salary – How Much Do They Make?

by Adam on November 10, 2010

A person who provides counsel, treatment and conducts complete physicals is a nurse practitioner. Their other day to day work is to recommend treatment to patients, help patients interpret their test results, prescribe therapy and medication and assist the surgeons and doctors whenever there is a complicated medical procedure being administered.

The question of how much a nurse practitioner earns cannot get an accurate answer. Their area of expertise goes far beyond the duties listed above, since they have different levels of education and experience in the medical field. Coming up with a figure to tell of how much they earn, or should earn cannot therefore be properly answered.

A nurse who has specialized intensive care unit work, or acute care will definitely command a higher pay check than the average practitioner.

The same does apply to a nurse who displays a character of perseverance and who is able to withstand high levels of stress in the work environment and is more likely to get a salary boost because of these special skills.

Salaries also tend to vary depending on where you are offering your services. A nurse working in the surgery department or one who is in the general hospital will receive a higher salary compared to one in private practice or one employed by a school.

A nurse practitioner’s salary is based on the type of job being done. The highest paid nurse practitioner will earn an annual salary of approximately $106,000 and the lowest, mostly a certification for pharmacy technician getting $29,000.

A nurse practitioner psychiatrist gets an annual salary of approximately $87,000; physician assistant $80,000, hospital nurse practitioner $92,000 to $117,000; nurse practitioner in a correction facility gets $120,000, certification for medical assistant 33,000, critical care nurse $114,000. Dental hygienist assistant $54,000, pediatric nurse $93,000 and a medical assistant in primary care $40,000.

Nursing is not just about the money, or the number of zeros in a pay check; it is about the dedication, responsibility, discipline and intelligence portrayed within the work environment. To become a nurse practitioner, consider the Loyola University online MSN programs and get started today.

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