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Registered Nurse (RN) to MD Programs

by Adam on November 2, 2010

The issue whether a registered nurse can join MD programs and advance his or her studies has been debated for some time now. As much uncertainty surrounds this issue, there are some medical schools that offer RN to MD programs. So, if you are a Registered Nurse or RN in short and would wish to upgrade your studies, you can join one of the Medical Degree (MD) programs and realize your dream. As long as you have some experience, you can apply to the any school that is offering such kind of programs. Among the MD programs you can be admitted to include:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. With this program you can join undergraduate students and advance your studies. Among the classes that can find in this course include biology, chemistry, psychology, practicals and many others. It is usually a four year course that will end with a registered nurse getting a bachelors degree in nursing.

Once you have got a bachelors degree, you can further advance your studies by joining a Masters of Science in Nursing. This course is meant to add to your credentials and you can enroll in one and study courses like clinical administration, nursing education and many others.

Getting an admission to one of these MD courses will require you to have scored the required marks from nursing school as not everyone gets to join them. The reason behind this is that degree courses are tough and they need someone who can handle the pressure that comes with these programs.

You also need to have worked as a registered nurse for some time to acquire experience in the field of medicine. This will help you get through medical school with ease. When it comes to applying, it is advisable that you do apply to many schools because different schools give emphasis to certain area. There are those that primarily consider nursing school scores while others tend to factor in a person’s experience in healthcare.

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