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BSN Prerequisites

by Adam on October 20, 2010

BSN prerequisites simply refers to the course combination that is required in order for one to undertake a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree course. These requirements vary greatly from one institution to another but there are a number of common features in all of them.

The BSN prerequisites that apply to various groups of people vary. People who have degrees that are not in related to nursing are required to undertake specific classes to ensure that they have a good basis in their nursing course.

The set of prerequisites for Registered Nurses is less complicated than for first time degree students. This is because they have covered most of these courses in their nursing training and they could be having a measure of experience in the field.

This set often abbreviated as RN to BSN prerequisites and in most cases, they total up to nine courses. The main categories for the requirements include English, Chemistry, Anatomy and Medical Education, Microbiology, Sociology, Biology, Psychology, Human Nutrition and Statistics.

Keep in mind that the list could be a lot longer or at times shorter depending on the university you have in mind. This makes it important to get the right details right from this school and not to rely on a general requirement profile.

The most essential consideration before taking these causes is to ensure that the institution in which one gets registered is accredited and recognized by the BSN institution of choice. These prerequisites also have to have been completed in a specified amount of time and each institution will point out the required number of hours required for each unit.

It also has to be done in good time, before the start of the next semester of school to give a student adequate time to apply for the degree course and carry out registration. Some institutions however allow one to get admission if he/she commits to completing the relevant prerequisites before school starts.

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