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Red Cross CNA Class

by Mike on May 19, 2009

One of the quickest & easiest ways to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is to take a Red Cross CNA class. Certified Nurses can earn an average annual salary of $45,000.

A Nursing Assistant is an important member of the health care team. They often have a high level of experience and ability, but without qualification is unable to often perform some tasks due to issues of liability and legality.

In today’s hospitals and extended care facilities, nursing assistants play a crucial role as part of the health care team that includes many personnel outside of nurses. Nurse assistants are needed to provide routine care so that nurses can provide care that only they can perform, as outlined by each state’s Nurse Practice Acts, such as formulating care plans, nursing assessments, administering medication, and assisting in surgery room preparation.

The nurse assistant must not only be very skilled in the actual procedures being performed but must also be able to observe a patient’s condition and report that information back to the nurse. With their other responsibilities, the nurse cannot spend large amounts of time in the room with the patient so the nurse assistant is often referred to as the nurse’s “eyes and ears”.

This is from the Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant Nurse Assistant Training schedule:

“Successful course completion requires full participation in classroom and skill sessions, as well as successful performance in skill and knowledge evaluations. Due to the nature of the skills in this program, you will be participating in strenuous activities. If you have a medical condition or disability that may prevent you from taking part in a skill session, or if you have any questions about your ability to participate fully in this course, discuss them with your health-care provider and the appropriate person at the Red Cross chapter before you start your course.”

There is also a nationally recognized American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training program that provides re-certification.

In addition to the Red Cross CNA class, there are CNA training classes available through local nursing school programs. You can even find online CNA classes, though the actual certification will require

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